Caitlin S. Lubelczyk

Stephen Mills
Incoming President

Jen Robert

Daniel Donovan

Fr. Jonathan Slavinskas Chaplain

Tim O'Malley
Finance Secretary

Peg Buzzell

Ann Marie Coleman

Pat Crowley

Cara Cullen

William Fay

Eileen "Wicky" Gareau

Kevin Gould

Phil Lahey IV

Bill Looney

Brendan Moran

Tim Quinn

Sheila Sargent

Walter Shea

Bob Spellane

Rosanna Swillo

Chris Whalen

The Emerald Club Board is made up of caring individuals, drawn from a variety of professional and civic backgrounds. The Club's sole mission, through various fundraising activities, is to provide funding to the Mercy Centre and other programs addressing developmental disabilities and mental health issues. Because of the generosity of its members, the Emerald Club has been able to meet the needs of the Mercy Centre and expand its giving to other worthy organizations including Veterans Inc., Worcester Public Schools, Abbey's House, Community Healthlink, and the YWCA.